BeatStep Pro


Text within [] indicates the control function when pressed whilst the Shift button is held down.

Left Panel

Sync button Internal LED USB LED MIDI LED External LED
Tempo/Encoder display Tempo [Fine] knob Tap [Toggle metronome]button
Swing knob Swing Current Track button Randomness knob Randomness/Probability Current Track button Probability knob
Transpose Link button 16 steps LED, 32 steps LED, 48 steps LED, 64 steps LED Channel button (+Step button=MIDI output channel) [(+Step button=MIDI input channel]
Preset Link button << button >> button [Extend sequence] Last Step button
Shift button Record button Stop button (3 quick presses = all notes off) Play/Pause button

Middle Panel

Project button (+Step button=load project) Knobs button (CC/MCU/HUI)
Control Mode button Save button (+Step button = save pattern. +Project button+Step button=save project)
< button > button Knobs button (Pitch/Velocity/Gate Time)
Seq1 button (+Step button = select pattern) Mute button
< button > button Knobs button (Pitch/Velocity/Gate Time)
Seq2 button (+Step button = select pattern) Mute button
< button > button Knobs button (Shift/Velocity/Gate Time)
Drum button (+Step button = select pattern, +Pad=Silent drum selection) Mute button (+Drum button+Pad mutes a single drum)

Step knobs

Knob1 Knob2 Knob3 Knob4 Knob5 Knob6 Knob7 Knob8
Knob9 Knob10 Knob11 Knob12 Knob13 Knob14 Knob15 Knob16

Step buttons

The MIDI Control Center has an option that affects what the Step buttons do in Control Mode. There are two options:
  1. The Step buttons will transmit MIDI data as specified in the Controller Map.
  2. The Step buttons allow you to save and recall one of 16 Scenes
  1. Hold a step button then press a pad or attached MIDI keyboard to set a step to that note (playback must be stopped).
  2. Press 2 step buttons together to tie the steps to the initial note.


Pad1 [Chromatic] Pad2 = C# [Minor] Pad3 = D# [Major] Pad4 = G# [Mixolydian] Pad5 [Dorian] Pad6 = A# [Blues] Pad7 = Octave Down [Harmonic Minor] Pad8 = Octave Up [User Scale]
Pad9 = C [Forward] Pad10 = D [Reverse] Pad11 = E [Alternate] Pad12 = F [Triplets] Pad13 = G [Quarters] Pad14 = A [Eights] Pad15 = B [Sixteenths] Pad16 = C [32nd]