DR880 Drum Machine

Rear Panel

Front Panel

Knobs, top left

Pad of 6 buttons

Effect Tuner Output Setting
Song Kit Pad

Row of 5 buttons

Row of 6 round buttons

Transport buttons

Right hand pad

Pattern Chord progression Fill-in Groove TSC
16/G/Crash 1 17/G#/Crash 2 18/A/Splash cymbal 19/Bb/Bell 20/b/Ride
11/D/Tom 1 12/Eb/Tom 2 13/E/Tom 3 14/f/Tom 4 15/f#/China cymbal
6/a/Cross stick 7/Bb/Clap 8/B/Cow bell 9/C/Pedal high hat 10/C#/Open high hat
1/E/Kick 1 2/F/Kick 2 3/F#/Snare 1 4/G/Snare 2 5/G#/Closed high hat

Front row

Front edge

RC505 Loop Station

Top Panel

Input FX Mic input level Instrument input level Output level Screen Memory/Value knob
Left cursor Right cursor System
Write Exit Memory
Track FX
Input FX A Input FX B Input FX C Gap All Start/Stop Undo/ReDo Tap Tempo Rhythm Start/Stop Rhythm/Edit (small round button) Track FX A Track FX B Track FX C

Vertical Strips

Rear Panel