Prophet 08

Top Panel

Text within [] indicates the control function when in the sequencer. These function labels appear in orange text on the control panel itself.
EG3 Destination EG3 Amount EG3 Velocity EG3 Delay LFO 1 button LFO Frequency LFO Amount BPM Hold: Latch [Arpeggiator] Stack A/B Display Param1 +/Yes button Select:
  • Voice Volume
  • Name
  • Osc1 Key
  • Osc2 Key
  • Osc Slop
  • Glide Mode
  • Pitch Wheel Range
  • Unison Mode
  • Unison Assign
  • Sequencer Trigger
  • Arpeggiator Mode
  • EG3 Repeat
  • Mod Slot 1 (Track 1] button
  • Mod. Slot 2 (Track 2) button
Mod. Source:
  • Mod Wheel
  • Pressure
  • Breath
  • Velocity
  • Foot Controller
Mod. Destination Mod. Amount
EG3 Attack EG3 Decay EG3 Sustain EG3 Release LFO2 button LFO Shape with Key Sync button LFO Destination LFO Clock Divide [Gated Sequencer] Program button, Edit Layer B button, Global button, Compare button, Write button Param 2 -/No button
  • Mod. Slot 3 (Track 3) button
  • Mod. Slot 4 (Track 4) button
  • [Edit Sequencer button]
  • Misc. button
Voice LEDs 1-4
Osc1 Frequency Osc1 Fine Osc1 Shape/PW Osc1 Glide Osc1/2 Mix LPF Frequency LPF Resonance LPF Envelope Amount (LED 1) LPF Velocity (LED 2) LPF Key Amount (LED 3) LPF Audio Mod (LED 4) Amp VCA Level (LED 5) Amp Env Amount (LED 6) Amp Velocity (LED 7) Amp Pan Speed (LED 8) Voice LEDs 5-8
Transpose Down button Transpose Up button Unison Osc2 Frequency (with Sync 2:1 button) Osc2 Fine Osc2 Shape/PW Osc2 Glide Noise LPF 4-Pole button LPF Delay LPF Attack (LED 9) LPF Decay (LED 10) LPF Sustain (LED11) LPF Release (LED12) Amp Delay (LED13) Amp Attack (LED 14) Amp Decay (LED 15) Amp Sustain (LED 16) Amp Release Master Volume

Rear Panel