Front Panel

LCD display
Battery Backlight
Prev Track Next Track Rec Mute Solo Undo (above jog wheel)
In Out Punch Loop
Shift (large circular) Prev Add Next
Rewind FF Stop (with dot) Play Record

TranzPort Button and Data Wheel Functions

with wheel
Name Normal Function SHIFT + Function STOP + Function
REW Rewind Return to zero
FFWD Fast forward Go to end
STOP Stop Toggle Big Meter mode Modifier key
PLAY Play Toggle playback metronome on/off Audio Scrubbing: Hold and use wheel to scrub audio
RECORD Record Toggle record metronome on/off
PREV Go to previous marker - Hold to scroll with wheel User-defined as Shift+F1 Ctrl+Shift+F1
ADD Add marker at current location User-defined as Shift+F2 Ctrl+Shift+F2
NEXT Go to next marker - Hold to scrollUser-defined as Shift+F3 Ctrl+Shift+F3
IN Set punch in point Set loop in point Ctrl+Shift+F4
OUT Set punch out point Set loop out point Ctrl+Shift+F5
PUNCH Toggle punch mode (LED inactive) Cycle through time formats Ctrl+Shift+F6
LOOP Toggle loop mode Toggle level/pan selection for shifted data wheel changes Ctrl+Shift+F7
Previous TRACK Previous track/bus (left/down) - hold to scroll with wheel Show tracks Ctrl+Shift+8
Next TRACK Next track/bus (right/up) - Hold to scroll with wheel Show buses Ctrl+Shift+9
REC Toggle track’s record arm on/off Clear all record arming Ctrl+Shift+F10
MUTE Toggle track’s mute on/off Clear all mutes Ctrl+Shift+F11
SOLO Toggle track’s solo on/off Clear all solos Ctrl+Shift+F12
UNDO Undo last action Redo last undo
DATA WHEEL Scroll timeline Adjust level or pan
FOOTSWITCH User Definable