Square amount Saw amount Sub amount Sub octave switch (Top=-1, -2, -2 modified PW)
Noise switch (up=pink, down=white)
Noise amount External/Sin amount (normalled to Sin) VCF Mod amount (normalled to the modulation VCO) VCF key follow amount (controlled by the 1V/Oct input if there is a signal there) VCF env amount VCF Mode switch (left=low pass, middle=band pass, right=high pass)
VCF Poles switch (left=12dB/octave, right=24dB/octave)
VCF Low Pass boost switch (up=on, down=off)
VCF Env polarity switch (left=negative, right=positive)
VCF Frequency VCF Resonance
Mod Osc Rate Mod Osc Waveform (sin, triangle, saw, square, sample and hold, noise)
Mod Osc Fine Rate
Mod Osc Rate switch (up=VCO, down=LFO)
Mod Osc Link switch (up=track VCO, down=unlinked)
VCO Mod Osc amount FM type switch (Exp/Lin)
VCO/Mod Osc Sync switch (up=on, down=off)
VCO octave switch (0,1,2,3,4,5)
VCO Fine Tuning
PWM Source switch (top=Mod Osc, middle=PWM input, bottom=Envelope) PWM amount Pulse Width Env Attack Env Decay Env Sustain Env Release Env Cycle switch (top=on, bottom=off)
Env Cycle LED
Env Cycle Rate switch (top=normal, bottom=10X slower)
VCA Drive switch (left=standard, middle=Drive1, right=Drive2)
VCA mode (up=envelope, down=gate)
Manual trigger button

Patch Points

VCO 1V/Octave in VCO PWM in VCO Mod in Env Gate in Env Retrigger in Env positive out Env negative out Env amount in Osc Mod 1V/octave in Osc Mod Sync in Osc Mod sin out Osc Mod triangle out Osc Mod saw out Osc Mod square out Sample/Hold clock in Sample/Hold out Noise out Audio out
VCO Sync in VCO square out VCO saw out
External audio in VCO sin out Sub Osc out
VCF audio in VCF Mod in VCF audio out