Control Freak

Front Panel

Top Right Keypad

F1 F2 F3 F4
Shift Store Left Edit Right Edit
Top left with Shift: Learn F key on F key off Exit Bottom left: Shift accelerates data wheel Store snapshot Reset Edit left Global channel Edit right

Reset Procedures

  1. Hold down bottom 4 function keys during power on to restore factory defaults
  2. Hold down top 4 function keys during power on to completely clear all memories
Required Freak control channel = 16

Rear Panel



Front Panel

Power MIDI Received LED Card Active LEDs Data wheel Required PlugStation control channel = 15

Rear Panel:

DC in MIDI in MIDI out MIDI thru 44-way SW1000 connector Card slots ADAT socket Audio outs: 8 through 1 Odd numbered ports at the top are the left channel


Front Panel

Mode 1 - XG & GS

Filter cutoff Resonance Vibrato rate Vibrato dep? Vibrrato delay Chorus level Reverb level EG attack EG decay EG release Portamento Pan Volume

Mode 2 - Creative Labs Sound Cards

As above but with no portamento control

Mode 3 - Steinberg rebirth and Standard MIDI

Continuous controllers

Mode 4 - Roland JV

Mode 5 - Yamaha Plg and Standard CC Numbers 40 through 52

Mode 6 - Standard MIDI

Filter cutoff (CC 74) Resonance (CC 71) Modulation (CC 1) Phaser (CC 15) Delay (CC 94) Reverb (CC 91) Chorus (CC 93) Volume envelope attack (CC 73) Volume envelope release (CC 72) Portamento Expression (CC 11) Pan (CC 10) Volume (CC 7)

Rear Panel

Power MIDI out MIDI in

Snapshot Procedures

Normal press sends all values to midi Out Held down for 3 seconds sends


Front Panel

Rear Panel