Lock Marker Track Shift Option Bank left Bank right
Split Spot eraser Channel Strip Function Ctrl Alt Single left Single right
Cursor cross:


Strip Panel

VPot 1 VPot 2 VPot 3 VPot 4 VPot 5 VPot 6 VPot 7 VPot 8

Control Area

Track button defaults to multi mode. press again to bring up parameters on pots (solo mode) line with cbo: channel, bus, outputs to the left of these, block of 4 with bump in the middle: top left = m1, top right = m2 bottom left = m3, right = m4 to the right of m4 = 4 automation controls: m3 + bottom right = reset faders, with m4 = reset pans
Track Aux
Pan? Plug-in
EQ Dynamic Insert F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8
Bank Left Bank Right
Channel Left Channel Right
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