Yes, the knobs are arranged in three columns. The left column is Channel 1, the middle column of small knobs is the attenuverters for Channels 1 through 4, and the right column is Channel 4.
Channel 1 Attenuverters Channel 4
Rise time Ch.1 Rise time
Fall time Ch.2 Fall time
Response (Log/Lin/Expo) Ch.3 Response (Log/Lin/Expo)
For these channels, the jacks are laid out symmetrically. In other words Channel 4 is the mirror image of Channel 1. So I'll describe the jack layout for Channel 1, but it is reversed for Channel 4. The top left is the signal input jack, with the trigger input directly adjacent. Below the Cycle button are the Rise, Both, and Fall CV input jacks, followed by the Cycle input. At bottom left is the channel's gate output (EOR for Ch1), with the channel's Unity output directly adjacent. There are seven jacks in bottom middle. The top row of four jacks is the individual outputs for Channels 1-4, laid out right to left. The bottom row is, from right to left, OR, SUM, and Inverse SUM. The top row of jacks has already been partially described, but it is from right to left, Channel 1 Input, Channel 1 Trigger, Channel 2 Input, Channel 3 Input, Channel 4 Trigger, Channel 4 input.