BabyFace Pro FS

Top Panel

Input button Set button Mix button Output button
Select button gap Dim button

Left Panel

Rear Panel

Right Panel


Front Panel

Rear Panel

ADAT2 out ADAT 2 in ADAT1 out ADAT1 in MADI out MADI in
USB3 Thunderbolt ARC (USB) Word clock BNC out Word clock BNC in

Advanced Remote Control

Gain 9 Gain 10 Gain 11 Gain 12
Load Snapshot 1 (stand-alone) Load Snapshot 2 (DAW) Toggle Echo Toggle Reverb
Toggle Speaker B Volume Phones1 Volume Phones2 Toggle Dim Main
Toggle Record Start Toggle Record/Play Stop Toggle Play Start/Pause
Footswitch = Toggle Talkback

TotalMixFX Mackie Mapping

TotalMix supports the following Mackie Control surface elements*:
Element Meaning in TotalMix
Channel faders 1 – 8 Volume
Master fader Main Out channel fader
SEL(1-8) + DYNAMICS Activate Trim mode
V-Pots 1 – 8 pan
pressing V-Pot knobs pan = center
CHANNEL LEFT or REWIND move one channel left
CHANNEL RIGHT or FAST FORWARD move one channel right
BANK LEFT or ARROW LEFT move eight channels left
BANK RIGHT or ARROW RIGHT move eight channels right
ARROW UP or Assignable1/PAGE+ move one row up
ARROW DOWN or Assignable2/PAGE- move one row down
EQ Master Mute
STOP Dim Main Out
PLAY Talkback
PAN Mono Main Out
FLIP Speaker B
DYN TrimGains
MUTE Ch. 1 – 8 Mute
SOLO Ch. 1 – 8 Solo
SELECT Ch. 1 – 8 Select
REC Ch. 1 – 8 select output bus (Submix)
F1 - F8 load Snapshot 1 - 8
F9 select Main Out
F10 - F12 select Cue Phones 1 - 3
*Tested with Behringer BCF2000 Firmware v1.07 in Mackie Control emulation for Steinberg mode and with Mackie