512 dual VCO

VCO1 square out VCO1 triangle out VCO1 saw out VCO2 square out VCO2 triangle out VCO2 saw out
VCO1 Pulse width slider VCO1 PWM slider VCO1 PWM mod in VCO1 Sync switch (soft/hard) VCO2 Pulse width slider VCO2 PWM slider VCO2 PWM mod in VCO2 Sync switch (soft/hard)
VCO1 Footing knob (32/16/8/4/2) VCO1 Tuning knob VCO2 Footing knob (32/16/8/4/2) VCO2 Tuning knob
VCO1 Sync in VCO1 Sync out VCO2 Sync in VCO2 Sync out
VCO1 Mod in 2 amount VCO1 Mod in 3 amount VCO2 Mod in 2 amount VCO2 Mod in 3 amount
VCO1 1V/oct in VCO1 Mod2 in VCO1 Mod3 in VCO2 1V/oct in VCO2 Mod2 in VCO2 Mod3 in


VCF1 audio in1 VCF1 audio in2 VCF1 audio in3 VCF2 audio in1 VCF2 audio in2 VCF2 audio in3
VCF1 audio in1 amount VCF1 audio in2 amount VCF1 audio in3 amount VCF2 audio in1 amount VCF2 audio in2 amount VCF2 audio in3 amount
VCF1 Frequency cutoff knob VCF1 Resonance knob VCF2 Frequency cutoff knob VCF2 Resonance knob
VCF1 HPF switch left=off/1/2) VCF1 out VCF2 HPF switch left=off/1/2) VCF2 out
VCF1 Mod2 amount VCF1 Mod3 amount VCF2 Mod2 amount VCF2 Mod3 amount
VCF1 1v/oct cutoff in VCF1 Mod2 in VCF1 Mod3 in VCF2 1v/oct cutoff in VCF2 Mod2 in VCF2 Mod3 in


VCA1 audio in1 VCA1 audio in2 VCA1 audio in3 VCA2 audio in1 VCA2 audio in2 VCA2 audio in3
VCA1 audio in1 amount VCA1 audio in2 amount VCA1 audio in3 amount VCA2 audio in1 amount VCA2 audio in2 amount VCA2 audio in3 amount
VCA1 Initial/Bias knob VCA1 out VCA2 Initial/Bias knob VCA2 out
VCA1 response curve switch (left=linear, right=exponential) VCA1 Sum out VCA2 response curve switch (left=linear, right=exponential) VCA2 Sum out
VCA1 Mod1 amount VCA1 Mod2 amount VCA1 Mod3 amount VCA2 Mod1 amount VCA2 Mod2 amount VCA2 Mod3 amount
VCA1 Mod1 in VCA1 Mod2 in VCA1 Mod3 in VCA2 Mod1 in VCA2 Mod2 in VCA2 Mod3 in


EG1 gate/trigger in EG1 positive CV out1 EG1 positive CV out2 EG1 negative CV out1
EG1 manual trigger button EG1 rate switch (top=fast, bottom=slow)
EG1 ATTACK EG1 DECAY EG1 SUSTAIN EG1 RELEASE EG1 trigger mode switch (top=external, bottom=cycle)
LFO frequency knob LFO delay time knob LFO trigger mode switch (top=1, middle=off, bottom=2) LFO delay trig mode switch (top=1, middle=off, bottom=2) LFO frequency range switch (top=high, middle=medium, bottom=slow)
LFO frequency CV in LFO square out LFO triangle out LFO saw out LFO reverse saw out LFO sine out
EG2 ATTACK EG2 DECAY EG2 SUSTAIN EG2 RELEASE EG2 trigger mode switch (top=external, bottom=cycle)
EG2 manual trigger button EG2 rate switch (top=fast, bottom=slow)
EG2 gate/trigger in EG2 positive CV out1 EG2 positive CV out2 EG2 negative CV out1


Phaser mod amount knob Phaser shift frequency knob Phaser resonance knob Phaser mix knob
Phaser CV mod in Phaser audio in Phaser audio out Phaser CV mix in
Delay mod knob Delay time knob Delay resonance knob Delay mix knob
Delay CV mod in Delay audio in Delay audio out Delay CV mix in
LFO frequency knob LFO triangle out LFO phase shifted triangle out Gate-Delay threshold knob Delay time knob Gate time knob
Gate-Delay audio in Gate-Delay audio out


Rear Panel

Front Panel

Phones Exit Patch Timbre Part up Parameter Up Value UP Write/Copy
Volume Edit Part/System Part Down Group Down Bank Down Value/Number down Enter
Memory slot MIDI Message light


On the far left you have the pitch and mod strips.
LFO rate LFO delay time LFO waveform knob (sine, triangle, saw, square, random, noise) VCO/LFO Mod amount VCO/ENV Mod amount, VCO Mod switch (top=VCO1, middle=VCO1 and VCO2, bottom=VCO2) VCO1 CROSS Mod VCO1 footing (64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2) VCO1 waveform (sine, triangle, saw, PWM, square, noise) VCO2 Sync switch (top=on, bottom=off) VCO2 footing knob (64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2) VCO2 tuning knob VCO2 waveform selection knob (sine, saw, pulse, sine, saw, pulse, LFO) VCO mixer
HPF filter cutoff VCF cutoff VCF resonance VCF slope switch (top=12db, bottom=24db) LFO Mod slider ENV Mod slider ENV Mod switch (up=ENV1, down=ENV2) VCA level VCA LFO Mod switch (top=3, 2, 1, bottom=0) ENV1 attack ENV1 decay ENV1 sustain ENV1 release ENV1 polarity switch (up=positive, down=negative) ENV2 attack ENV2 decay ENV2 sustain ENV2 release ENV2 key follow switch (top=ENV1 and ENV2, ENV2, ENV1, bottom=off)
Button 1 Button 2 Button 3 Button 4 Button 5 Button 6 Button 7 Button 8 Display Button 1 Button 2 Button 3 Button 4 Button 5 Button 6/Solo Button 7/Unison Button 8/Poly Upper/Lower button Dual button (to modify the 6, 7 and 8 functions) Manual/Play/Stop button



Top Panel

DCO1 Range DCO2 Range Master Tune LFO Source Mix HPF Envelope Mod VCA switch Waveform Delay Time Attack Decay
DCO1 Waveform DCO2 Waveform Fine Tune Envelope Cutoff Resonance unknown switch Level Rate Sustain Release
DCO1 LFO Frequency Mod switch DCO1 Envelope Frequency Mod switch Cross Mod DCO2 LFO Frequency Mod switch DCO2 Envelope Frequency Mod switch LFO Mod Pitch Follow
A B C 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 [Solo] 15 [Unison] 16 [Poly] Chorus Manual [Start/Stop]


MPU103 MIDI Filter

Front Panel

Rear Panel



Glide Range Tune Waveform o2 filter Osc1 Feedback Cutoff Emphasis Keytrack 1/3 keytrack 2/3 Contour Rate Wave Time
Type Range Fine Waveform Env 1 03/02 Osc2 Noise Attack Decay Sustain MCRig Norm Osc Filter Regen
WHL Mix 50/50 Range 16 Fine Waveform Kybd XMod O3 PWM 1.2 OSC3 Attack Decay Sustain Rel LFO Osc Fil Mode Sync Amount
Value encoder Patch/Sequencer/Song switch Comp/Note/Edit/Exit Play/Gate/Select Pattern Transpose/Glide/Insert Chain Step Oct down/Parameters/Delete Chain Step Oct up/Select Scale/ A/0 B/1 C/2 User/3 4 5 6 7 8 Display 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Manual