Batumi Quad LFO

Front panel

The shape of the saw waves depends on a jumper setting on the back of the module. More about that below and in section 9 of the manual.

Connectors and jumpers on the module's rear

There are 3 sets of pin connectors on the back of the module:
  1. The left-most connector is for the power.
  2. Next to the power connector is a single column of 3 pins for updating the software (related to section 11 of the manual).
  3. The right-most set of pins are for preference settings that govern the behaviour of the module

Poti Expander for the Batumi

The separate Poti expander module connects to the right-most connector on the back of a Batumi and replaces the jumpers. This module gives you manual access to the preference settings. It comes with 3 switches:

The top switch changes between Reset (top position) and Sync (lower position).

The two switches at the bottom (switch 2 and 3) are for assigning the saw waveform. These are the different switch position combinations: