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A-101.3 Vactral Phaser panel layout

Posted in Doepfer, and Gear Panel Layouts

A-101.3 Vactral Phaser

  • 30HP
  • +12V = 50mA
  • -12V = 50mA
  • 5V 0mA

most left row of sockets: Feedback In 1 (normalled to Polarizer Out) Feedback In 2 Feedback In 3 Feedback In 4 Feedback In 5 Feedback In 6 Polarizer Out second row of sockets: Stage Out 1 Stage Out 2 Stage Out 3 Stage Out 4 Stage Out 5 Stage Out 6 Polarizer In (normalled to Stage Out 6) third row of sockets: Audio In CV In Shifted Audio In (normalled to Stage Out 6) Mixed Audio Out Polarizer In (hardwired to Polarizer In of second row) Controller row Level of Audio In 1-6 CV attenuator Shift (with associated LED) Mix Polarizer The second unit is the same. The only differences are: Audio In socket is normalled to Stage Out 6 of the first unit CV In socket is normalled to CV In socket of the first unit

A-106.5 SEM Filter

  • 8HP
  • +12V = 30mA
  • -12V = 20mA
  • 5V 0mA

Frequency CV1 in


Frequency CV2 in

Frequency CV2 Level (polarised)

Audio in

Audio Level

Band Pass out


Low Pass/High Pass out



  • The polarisation of the CV2 input means that the knob will have no effect at the 12:00 position. Moving anti-clockwise from here applies a negative modulation, whilst clockwise applies a positive modulation.
  • The level control for the audio input is designed to be clean at the 12:00 position and below, but introduce overdrive/distortion above this setting.
  • The Mix knob applies to the Low Pass/High Pass output. At its 12:00 position, the filter will act as a notch (Band Reject) filter, with the Resonance knob adjusting the width of the notch. Turning Mix anti-clockwise from this position increases the amount of the Low Pass signal. Turning Mix clockwise from 12:00 increases the amount of the High Pass signal.


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