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Delptronics Little Drummer Boy 2 Expander (LDB2X) panel layout

Posted in Delptronics, and Gear Panel Layouts

Little Drummer Boy 2 Expander

  • 6HP
  • +12V = 0mA
  • -12V = 0mA
  • 5V 0mA

Open hi-hat decay cv jack

Open hi-hat decay knob

Hi-hat tone cv jack

Hi-hat tone knob

Snare drum pitch cv jack

Snare drum pitch knob

Rim shot pitch cv jack

Rim shot pitch knob

Wood block pitch cv jack

Wood block pitch knob

High tom pitch cv jack

High tom pitch knob

Low tom pitch cv jack

Low tom pitch knob

Kick drum pitch cv jack

Kick drum pitch knob

Kick drum decay cv jack

Kick drum decay knob


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